Chrome不支持Webgl 2.0的解决方式

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Warning: Unsupported graphics API WebGL 2.0

Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content.

打开 chrome://flags/ ,搜索 "Angle". 找到名为“ Choose ANGLE graphics backend”的内容

在这一项的后面选择OpenGL或者是DirectX 11,然后重启浏览器,一般情况下都会解决。

You can confirm that everything works fine by going to WebGLReport, which will also show you which driver is used and what capabilities or OpenGL extensions can be used.

Beware: depending on your graphics card and drivers you have installed it is possible Chrome will switch to a software rasterizer. In WebGLReport you will see "Major Performance Caveat: Yes" in such case and following info about the renderer:

  • Renderer: WebKit WebGL
  • Unmasked Vendor: Google Inc.
  • Unmasked Renderer: Google SwiftShader

You can also find some information about how Chrome is using your graphics card by opening the chrome://gpu/ page.

There was one more step I had to do to make WebGL 2 / Direct3D 11 working correctly on my computer (I am using a few years old nVidia GeForce GT 545): I had to uninstall nVidia Nsight, as it was interfering in some way with the drivers. I have seen a similar thing reported by other people nVidia forums: Failed to initialize D3D11 device ...:

1) Installed the nvidia drivers (without uninstalling or cleaning first) with all the extra software that comes with the driver, as "checked". Didn't reboot after installation.

2) Uninstalled all the extra nvidia software (3D vision, Update, HD audio etc) from Control Panel\Programs and Features. Left only the driver and PhysX.

3) Reboot.